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A free-spirited Holistic Beauty & Longevity Therapist, Kirstin Rose liaises with Asia’s award-winning wellness resorts as well as one-on-one coaching clients.

Yogini, artist and founder of Mystical Chakra Yoga (conscious events) and KoralieRose (lifestyle coaching and retreats), she loves co-creating with others to facilitate the most radiant expression of their soul.

Kirstin Rose holds professional certification in lifestyle medicine, plant-based nutritional science, biohacking and gourmet raw food from the Plant Based Academy, a world-renowned international raw vegan organic plant based training institute.

She’s also trained as a plant based chef and educator in health-conscious cuisine at Matthew Kenney Culinary School, as well as advanced teacher training in Mystical Yoga (School Yoga Institute) and Chakra Yoga & Yoga Therapy (Pyramid Yoga Centre).

Other certification includes permaculture design, Access Consciousness Bars and Energetic FaceLift. A life-long lover of learning she’s currently studying Longevity Therapy and Yoga Psychology.

Travelling extensively, she dives into her deep connection with nature and the esoteric, exploring life’s rich tapestry in the playground we call earth, playing with a fusion of feminine and energetic arts. She’s received the natural vaccine of the jungle, Kambo, and has been initiated with womb, healer and earth guardian rites as well as the bands of power.

A mother of two teenage boys, she adores the ocean, adventure, earth friendly living, recipe development and creative transformative pursuits and is passionate about conscious evolution and transpersonal psychology.

A hands on body process, Access Bars® creates freedom from limiting beliefs and attitudes, gifting us the space for change and opening the doors of possibility. It teaches the body how to receive, allowing us to let in more abundance in all its forms. Other benefits include enhanced relationships, relief from anxiety and depression, stress reduction, improved quality of sleep and release of unnecessary weight.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you set free the untapped potential of your authentic self..?

Access Bars® - Energetic Exchange THB 6,950

What if it was possible to enjoy all the benefits of a more youthful, radiant appearance without having to resort to surgery, chemicals, injections, creams or pills?

A wonderful way to unleash your beauty within, reversing the signs of aging on your face and throughout the body, the Access Facelift™ works with energy at a cellular level to restore, enliven and regenerate through gentle soothing touch.

Access Facelift™has been used in salons, spas, doctor’s offices, wellness centres and anti-aging clinics across the globe.

What if you could dare to shine and revive your inner sparkle?

Access Facelift™ - Energetic Exchange THB 8,970

Discover the healing world of medicinal plant-based cuisine and lifestyle medicine and dive into bespoke creative play workshops on a myriad of topics including the rainbow of liquid nutrition and superfoods, delicious delights of raw cacao and guilt-free indulgent treats, the creation of natural beauty products, Taoist Herbalism and medicinal mushrooms, the art of fermentation, molecular gastronomy, food dehydration, essentials oils and living a toxin-free lifestyle or how to travel and thrive on plant-based foods.

Bespoke workshops - Energetic Exchange THB 19,990 (for up to 8 people)
— We partner with organic farms & health food shops wherever possible - workshops are subject to availability.
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