garden therapy room and Thaisolate floatation spa

A wide variety of therapies available from oil massage to specialist treatments such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Chinese traditional therapies..  Come see what we have on offer.  

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with Thaisolate Flotation Spa.  Offering our guests special prices and packages for this amazing experience.  Transfers are arranged to and from The Yogarden.

"Come and try the most relaxing experience on Ko Samui at Thaisolate Float Spa. High-Tech floatation tanks send the mind on a journey of deep meditation. Experience the peace of floating weightlessly in complete isolation. Without any sensory distractions, nothing will disturb your journey through the self.
Each tank contains over 600kg of Magnesium Sulphate. This creates the sensation of weightlessness as well as providing skin and health benefits through transdermic absorption.
Enjoy better sleep, better health and feel revitalized!"

What is Floatation?

Floatation is the practice of using a sensory deprivation tank.
Customers float inside an enclosed pod of water which is heated to skin temperature. With no sensory stimulus, the mind enters a deep state of meditation.
Each tank containsover 600kg of Magnesium Sulphate which creates the weightless experience and after around 15 minutes the user loses the sensation of their body, becoming a floating consciousness.

Why Float?
Floatation therapy provides many health benefits but it can also be used as a tool for relaxation, improving mental focus and deep meditation.
Regular use of an isolation tank is effective against insomnia as well as chronic pain, Depression, Jet lag and fybromyalgia. By reducing cortisol production, floatation can also reduce blood pressure, stress and helps people fighting addictions such as smoking.
If that wasn't enough, floatation therapy leaves you feeling happy and uplifted for days.


1 hour: 1,950 baht
1.5 hours: 2,800
2 hours: 3,400
3 hours: 4,200

Couples packages:
1 hour: 3,120 baht (20% discount)
2 hours: 5,100 baht (25% discount)
3 hours: 5,880 baht (30% discount)

Please contact us to reserve your amazing floatation experience.