Koh Samui Yoga

Koh Samui Yoga

With a reputation for being one of Asia’s leading destinations for health and wellbeing resorts, Koh Samui is also gaining worldwide recognition as a destination in which people can participate in or study the ancient spiritual and physical discipline of yoga.

For people who wish to visit Koh Samui in order to broaden their minds and learn a new skill then there are plenty of options that are open to you. For those visitors who are truly looking to get in touch with their mind and body, then yoga on Koh Samui is the perfect holiday activity.

What is yoga?
Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit and is most commonly focused on the practice of different still physical poses and postures connected by dynamic transitions, vinyasas, intrinsically linked with breathing. Each posture has it' s own specific physical and emotional benefits. When a flow of different still postures, or asanas is practiced it helps us to achieve balance in the body, and improve our overall strength and flexibility.

Breathing in a new focus
Yoga encourages proper breathing referred to as " Pranayama ". We all know that oxygen is required for the functioning of all the cells in the body, yet the average person only uses about a seventh of their lung capacity. Through practicing " Pranayama " more effective and efficient breathing can be achieved, aiding in greater oxygenation of the brain and the body, and helping to strengthen the immune system and improve mental clarity. The process of focusing on breathing combined with physical postures, helps us to focus inwards during practice, guiding the mind towards a state of relaxation enabling us to center ourselves affectively.

The benefits
Through the practice of yoga generated in the body, muscle stamina is increased, our body alignment improves and internal organs are toned and massaged. This aids in the detoxification of the digestive system, the epidermal, the lymphatic system, and the pulmonary system. Muscle density in increased, excess fat is burned away quickly and body weight is normalized. It works on many physical levels, up to cellular level, and all body systems are affected, including the metabolic, hormonal and immune systems.

Achieve the impossible
Through regular practice yoga results in a greater sense of well being regardless of your age or fitness level. Even if touching your toes seems a mile away, regular practice of specific postures combined with the Pranayama breath will assist you in closing the gap and the progress with which your flexibility betters, will be astounding This coupled with the emotional and well being feelings that are evoked through regular practice will have you feeling like a renewed person ready to bend yourself into these gorgeous yoga postures that once seemed so out of reach.

With such incredible options like the YoGarden Samui at your fingertips, why not take some time off of the stunning beaches and give t a try, it's worth it!