Detox Samui

Have you ever thought to leave your top of the range; fuel injected sports coupe, your pride and joy of the road for all to see, missing that all-important 10,000-mile lubricating service? No engine oil change, filter change, or even a transmission systems check and brake change. God forbid NO!
Have you on the other hand ever felt sluggish missing that usual get up and go, drained and in need of some cleansing? It is incredible to stop and think of the rate of which we consume toxic foods and chemicals through our over indulgent life styles, making us lethargic, draining our energy or at worst, making us sick?

We have 5 filters or organs of elimination within our body and just like with any piece of high tech equipment, when these filters get clogged, the machine doesn’t work so well. We can equate this same ethos to the human body. When the filters get clogged largely down to eating the wrong things and over indulging, our body doesn’t work so well and we begin to malfunction.
Essential Organs to consider for detox:

Bowel Cleanse: Damage done to the intestinal tract with our modern diet is the hardest to correct, often taking years. Many focus on the colon, when in fact the accumulated waste lies higher up in the small intestine, all 23ft of it. Colonic irrigation methods can’t get into the small intestine. The secret that makes correcting this possible for those motivated to do so, lies in a less than well known herbal bowel formulae, that has an outstanding 100 year track record in effectiveness.
Liver Cleanse: The liver accumulates hundreds if not thousands of stones and pieces of debris that hinder its efficiency. When the liver is clogged with cholesterol deposits form some the size of a coin, these we call liver or gallstones. This results in the lymph (body's sewer system) backing its waste up into the system. Other organs of elimination are called to the rescue, frequently the skin to pick up the burden. The skin then becomes the dumping ground for waste that should be going down and out. The older one gets the more this debris gets stacked upon the last, making the situation worse.

Kidney Cleanse: The Kidneys are the hardest working filter or organ of the body and last to create symptoms when failing. A unique approach can easily and naturally dissolves the kidney crystals and stones that hinder full and effective functionality of this vital cleansing organ.

Lungs: Air is the primary fuel that our body runs on. The better the quality, the better our bodies do. The lungs are the easiest organ to work with. They thrive in a cigarette/dust free environment, along with heaps of clean fresh air. Simple education and a healthy dose of common sense here will give you great leverage.

Skin: Our skin, the largest organ of the body, is an organ of protection and is capable of breathing and absorbing food. The skin is both an organ of elimination and assimilation. The act of regular perspiration encourages the skin to shed the toxic encumbrances that clog it up and prevent the skin from breathing and perspiring, as it should.
Parasite Cleanses: Cleansing the body is futile without an effective parasite approach. This is a must.

With this small insight, a little knowledge can go along way. Don’t resist, do something truly beneficial for you and make that difference. This holiday on Koh Samui is your time. Check out the detox treatments available at the Yogarden.