the yogarden detox program

At the Yogarden we offer two types of Detox options, our Yogarden Detox whole foods cleanse and also the Easy Detox Herbal cleanse.  Both of our options offer our guests a Detox experience that is right for them.  Please read a bit more  about what we have on offer and contact us to book yours.



The Yogarden Detox Program is a professionally guided program designed to deeply cleanse and revitalize your entire being. This journey of detox and yoga offers you the opportunity to experience a profound transformation of both body & mind. As toxins are removed from your system, your body has the chance to heal itself on a physical level as well as let go of pent-up stress and emotions that may be impacting on your wellbeing. At the end of the detox you will experience many benefits, among them feelings of lightness, renewed energy and increased vitality.

Our experienced team of detox advisors guide The Yogarden Detox Program; under their expert supervision, you will follow a specific diet tailored to suit your body’s needs and learn how to maintain the health benefits of the program when you return home.

What’s included in the program?


• A specially tailored detox diet of fresh whole foods, fresh juices, wheatgrass shots, cleansing herbal teas,
• Natural herbs & supplements, superfoods and probiotics
• Liver & gall bladder flush
• Detox kit & Detox handbook
• Twice daily yoga classes
• Daily massage treatments to accelerate the removal of toxins
• Daily detox support meeting with one of our Detox Advisors
• Detox guidelines to sent to you in advance to help you to prepare for your detox

The Detox Program Daily Schedule

The Detox Program begins on a Monday morning with a yoga class followed by detox refreshments and welcome meeting with a Detox Advisor. The Detox Program finishes on Friday evening after dinner.  (This is a sample program below)

7.00am Detox cleansing practices.
8.00am Self-guided breathwork, meditation or beach walk
9.30am Yoga class
10.15am Detox breakfast, herbs & supplements
10.30am Detox support meeting
11.00am - 6pm Free time for therapies and relaxation
12.00pm Detox lunch, herbs & supplements
4-5pm Yoga class
Evening: Detox dinner, herbs & supplements


Please note that schedule timings are subject to change

Detox Program (SPECIAL) Rates 

5 day program 15,000 Thai baht inclusive of service and govt. tax

3 day program 12,000 Thai baht inclusive of service and govt. tax

Rates are inclusive of twice-daily yoga classes, detox food, drinks and supplements, detox kit and handbook, daily detox support meeting and detox massage treatments. Please note that accommodation is not included in the Detox Program price.


The Yogarden offers you a fantastic range of accommodation options in Fisherman’s Village itself. We work very closely with the village’s boutique hotels and bungalows to bring you beautiful beachfront living in one of the most magical areas on the island.

To reserve your place on this program please contact or

Before booking, please read through our contraindications to check your suitability for the detox program

We hope you can join us for this transformative experience!

Detox program


This very easy kit contains all you need to cleanse for 7 days either at home, villa or with us at The Yogarden, while you practice daily yoga and induldge in daily massage.  A one time detox consultation will take place on the day you begin your programme.   


Easy Detox brings you the best of modern
scientific knowledge combined with the best of
ancient natural healing practices. While modern
medicine has discovered amazing depths of
insight into the microscopic workings of human
physiology and biochemistry it has, in many
ways, lost sight of the “whole person” approach
of natural therapies. Similarly, ancient healing
traditions from Traditional Chinese Medicine,
and Western Herbal Medicine may have ancient
practices which, with modern knowledge, are
no longer “world’s best practices.” Here at
Amrita we have researched extensively to find
not only what works – but why it works, based
on best available scientific proof. 



Please note these prices do not include accommodation.  Rooms upon request.  Contact us for more details.

Amrita Methodology
How does Easy Detox work?

Our integrated methodology is based on
two ancient medicinal principles: “First, do no
harm” and “Let food be thy medicine”. Easy
Detox programme, developed by Mr. Graham
Rowe, Chief Naturopath of Amrita Luxury
Wellness Retreat, is designed to support and
enhance your body’s natural detox abilities to
clear out toxins from your cells, and then flush
them out of your body. Easy Detox is holistic
and gentle, yet effective cleansing method that
uses herbs to reach the desired cleansing effect
without invasive techniques such as colonic
irrigation or starvation. Easy Detox uses 100%
organic herbs that help to:
›› promote toxins release from the body
›› alkalize and protect the body from oxidative
›› nourish the body and calm the mind

In Easy Detox we leverage ancient healing
techniques and the modern science of your
liver’s Cytochrome P450 enzymes. Our herbal
blends stimulate these enzyme pathways to
enhance the clearance of toxins protecting the
body during your cleanse. Detoxifying herbal
shakes are accompanied with delicious and
functional meals to support active lifestyle
during the programme. The detox is further
enhanced with yoga, massage or light fitness
exercises. The result is deep cleansing effect
on a cellular level, with gentler and enjoyable
detox experience.

Why fruit & herbs?
At Amrita our extensive research has confirmed the strongly held
belief that the healing properties of medicinal plants are utilized to their
maximum only when the plant is used as a whole as it was created by
nature. The reasons behind extracting a single active ingredient from a
plant are rational since this process of extraction and standardization
allows drugs to be mass manufactured and sold at relatively cheap
prices. However, there have been multiple cases when it turned out that
the active ingredient in the plant was a totally different one than the
one standardized (case of St. John’s Wort, for example). Plus, different
extraction processes will produce different therapeutic outcomes –
showing that the whole plant is capable of even greater healing power.
By providing our herbs in their complete form and monitoring quality
from their growth, through harvesting and handling all the way to our
world class Dynamic Freeze Dry process we preserve all the synergies of
the components of the herb for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Why shakes?
A question which we are commonly asked is: “Why do you use powders
and shakes – can’t I just take a capsule?” There are several very good
reasons why we chose powder over capsules or tablets. Firstly, in order to
provide a full therapeutically effective dose – generally around 9 grams
of powdered herbal blend in case of Amrita Easy Detox, you would need
to take between 30 and 60 capsules of herbs five times every day. That
could mean taking up to 300 capsules per day – which is not practical
at all. Secondly, some of the herbs require that you taste the sourness or
the bitterness of the herb as part of the trigger for its action on internal
body systems – a capsule or tablet bypasses this crucial step and reduces
the therapeutic benefit of the herb. Thirdly, different components of
any food or medicine are broken down in different parts of the digestive
system: carbohydrates in the mouth and small intestine; proteins in the
stomach; lipids mostly in the duodenum. Capsules and tablets certainly
bypass the mouth and may pass through the stomach or even the small
intestine without being broken down and absorbed. In addition, some
people’s digestive systems are so compromised that they may not even
be able to digest the gel cap – meaning that all of the medicine passes
straight out of their body. Our herbal ingredients, taken in liquid form as
shots or shakes are efficiently absorbed and therefore provide their full
therapeutic potential.

Why no fasting?
While fasting may have value as a spiritual
practice it has no place in a physiologically
effective detox programme. The body actually
needs certain nutrients (various amino acids,
B-vitamins, flavonoids, phospholipids etc.)
in order to perform its detox functions. Most
of those micronutrients are water soluble,
meaning that they are rapidly eliminated
from the body. Fasting does not renew your
supply of these nutrients so, around day 3–4
of a fasting “detox”, you run out of the raw
materials the body needs in order to detox
properly and mitigate the oxidative damage
done by the toxins passing through the body
for removal. That is why we provide specific
nutrition in our detox programme – to support
detox and prevent a “healing crisis” (which is
really just mismanaged oxidative damage).

Foods to avoid
During your programme please avoid: fatty
and salty foods, oils, deep fried foods, bread,
sweets; coffee, milk and soy products.
The reason we recommend a primarily
vegetarian diet during detox is because it is
easier to get good quality, clean, organic fruit
and vegetables than it is to find organic, grass
fed meat which has not been injected with
hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals, nor
fed GMO grains. As for seafood – these days
you cannot be sure of the quality of the water
that it grew in, shrimp and shellfish are filter
feeders, gathering their food from whatever has
contaminated their environment, larger fish
concentrate those toxins as they move further
up the food chain. As author Michael Pollan
describes it “You are what you eat.”
Many people also have low grade allergies
to gluten and dairy or the High Fructose Corn
Syrup which is used to sweeten many processed
products; which is why we recommend
avoiding those. As one dietician put it “if your
great-grandmother would recognize it as
food, it is probably OK to eat”

Why no colonics?
First of all colonics and enemas are actually
not healthy – this invasive procedure disturbs
the delicate balance of microflora in your
gut, which is necessary for proper digestion
and immune system functioning. Secondly,
colonics are dangerous because they disturb
the balance of electrolytes in the blood. Thirdly,
most people don’t have the equipment to
do colonics at home and are not qualified to
perform the procedure properly. And, finally,
colonics are highly unpleasant and for most
people are not even necessary to remove
accumulated fæces.

Why freeze-dried?
Our unique Dynamic Freeze Drying process
allows us to provide the absolute best quality
whole herb product available on the market
today. The herbs are locally, organically and
sustainably grown and harvested at their
most potent in order to ensure the maximum
therapeutic effect. Then they are processed in
the shortest possible time to preserve all their
natural vitality. Dynamic Freeze Drying process
guarantees that the only thing lost is water,
none of the active constituents are degraded by
heat. Did you know that some herbal suppliers
use slow air-drying techniques, others use
oven-dry techniques, some even sun-dry
the herbs, – all of which can allow the vital
therapeutic components to be destroyed!
Freeze Drying has the following benefits:
›› Fast processing prevents enzymic
degradation of active constituents;
›› No heating - prevents denaturing of proteins;
›› Natural fracturing along cell walls preserves
integrity of plant cells during dehydration.