the yogarden detox program

At the Yogarden we offer two types of Detox options, our Yogarden Detox whole foods cleanse and also the Easy Detox Herbal cleanse.  Both of our options offer our guests a Detox experience that is right for them.  Please read a bit more  about what we have on offer and contact us to book yours.



The Yogarden Detox Program is a professionally guided program designed to deeply cleanse and revitalize your entire being. This journey of detox and yoga offers you the opportunity to experience a profound transformation of both body & mind. As toxins are removed from your system, your body has the chance to heal itself on a physical level as well as let go of pent-up stress and emotions that may be impacting on your wellbeing. At the end of the detox you will experience many benefits, among them feelings of lightness, renewed energy and increased vitality.

Our experienced team of detox advisors guide The Yogarden Detox Program; under their expert supervision, you will follow a specific diet tailored to suit your body’s needs and learn how to maintain the health benefits of the program when you return home.

What’s included in the program?


• A specially tailored detox diet of fresh whole foods, fresh juices, wheatgrass shots, cleansing herbal teas,
• Natural herbs & supplements, superfoods and probiotics
• Liver & gall bladder flush
• Detox kit & Detox handbook
• Twice daily yoga classes
• Daily massage treatments to accelerate the removal of toxins
• Daily detox support meeting with one of our Detox Advisors
• Detox guidelines to sent to you in advance to help you to prepare for your detox

The Detox Program Daily Schedule

The Detox Program begins on a Monday morning with a yoga class followed by detox refreshments and welcome meeting with a Detox Advisor. The Detox Program finishes on Friday evening after dinner.  (This is a sample program below)

7.00am Detox cleansing practices.
8.00am Self-guided breathwork, meditation or beach walk
9.30am Yoga class
10.15am Detox breakfast, herbs & supplements
10.30am Detox support meeting
11.00am - 6pm Free time for therapies and relaxation
12.00pm Detox lunch, herbs & supplements
4-5pm Yoga class
Evening: Detox dinner, herbs & supplements


Please note that schedule timings are subject to change

Detox Program (SPECIAL) Rates 

5 day program 15,000 Thai baht inclusive of service and govt. tax

3 day program 12,000 Thai baht inclusive of service and govt. tax

Rates are inclusive of twice-daily yoga classes, detox food, drinks and supplements, detox kit and handbook, daily detox support meeting and detox massage treatments. Please note that accommodation is not included in the Detox Program price.


The Yogarden offers you a fantastic range of accommodation options in Fisherman’s Village itself. We work very closely with the village’s boutique hotels and bungalows to bring you beautiful beachfront living in one of the most magical areas on the island.

To reserve your place on this program please contact or

Before booking, please read through our contraindications to check your suitability for the detox program

We hope you can join us for this transformative experience!

Detox program