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Samui TEFL

The Yogarden is happy to   partner with Samui TEFL.  

This 4 week teacher training brings to you a wealth of knowledge and an opportunity to combine your love of travel with a purpose.


If you are interested in joining their programme please contact us or mention us when booking with them and receive free yoga!














A Chocoholic Becomes a Chocolatier

Originally a chocoholic who developed an interest in health and nutrition, Cara was led to discover cacao and raw chocolate. With this discovery, the chocolatier within Cara emerged and she started to make chocolate for her dear husband, who now complains when there isn’t any in the fridge at home! She then progressed to giving chocolate to friends for their birthdays which were welcomed with open arms and also open mouths! And now ‘Cara Creates’ has evolved.

Cara makes a variety of chocolate creations from peppermint pigs to imitation (yet without a doubt completely better) Snickers Bars and combinations such as Cranberry and Cashew Nut or Pineapple and Ginger. And her creations don’t always include chocolate, her creamy-chewy-fudgy Nutcakes and almond lemon slices are also huge hits.

‘Cara Creates’ uses the finest of ingredients. Raw cacao and carob powders (carob powder being a great option for younger chocoholics) and sweeteners such as raw honey, palm sugar and dates. Cold pressed coconut oil is also used along with Himalayan salt, raw nuts and many other highly nutritional and delicious ingredients.

The most important elements are never omitted which of course are love and passion which makes these creations ‘Cheeky not Naughty!’ Try some in the yogarden cafe!





lesley fisher











India is for me an incredibly special place on this Earth, inspiring my inner creative side whilst refreshingly stimulating my senses as a magical visual feast. I am always so utterly grateful as a photographer to have experienced this country and its beauty!

My love story with India, came with an initial trip to photograph the spectacular Kumbh Mela in Haridwar a few years ago. This captivating beginning marks the opening of my story as a photographer on a journey to capture my India experience through the eye of a lens. Such a vast country with wonderful people and so many colours in every direction, I was a photographer on a visual high, fed by the kaleidoscopic journey that was unfolding.

Visiting fascinating places such as Varanasi steeped in history as the River Ganges flows through it and on to Pushkar, the home of the Camel Fair, where my up-close and personal experiences with some of these magnificent animals gave way to simply stunning moments. The old passages and streets of Chadni Chowk of old Delhi a myriad of photo opportunities and journeys to Vrindivan and the impressive Darjeeling tea plantation, Jaipur, The Pink City and of course, Agra for the magnificent Taj Mahal, i was hooked in no uncertain terms. This small selection of images I have on display, are the cherished memories of my journey so far to this magnetic place and its people.

valerie parisius

Originally from the beautiful island Curacao, a small island in the Caribbean, I moved to the Netherlands to attend University. I started a career as an accountant, but then decided to follow my heart and take a leap. First as a textiles designer, and later as a globetrotter

I've been on the road for more than a year now,  keeping a travel diary which has been living a life of it's own from selling postcards, holding exhibitions, designing logo's , book covers and jewelry wherever I go.

In my travel diary I keep a daily meditative private practice of writing and drawing which has been helping me to heal as an artist and grow as a person. I work through the emotions and blockages by opening myself up, letting go, silencing my inner critic and finally healing myself through colors and repetitive lines.

Showing up every day on the page, my illustrations show a very intimate landscape of my innerworld. My struggles, dreams and ambitions, joy , aloneness, rediscovering my passion for life and understanding myself.  My work explores my love for color, dance, the secret life of animals, femininity and the ultimate force that guides us

For the logo of the Yogarden I wanted to capture a  garden, blossoming with creativity freedom and joy where the letter Y curls into a shell. The Butterfly plays a prominent role in the logo. Representing change, transformation and soul evolution The logo represents the evolution from the protectiveness of the shell to the graceful freedom of the butterfly